Aquaculture Recirculation System:

Aquaculture Resource Center
Aquaculture Resource Center

Zebrafish (Danio rerio) is currently one of the most popular vertebrate experimental animals in several areas of science. Scientists working with zebrafish hold several meetings annually, their articles are published in leading scientific journals almost on a daily basis and an increasing number of zebrafish facilities is built each year. Processes of the living organism including ageing, cancer, understanding of the malfunctions of the hematopoietic system and different organs as well as genetic determination of diseases is greatly facilitated by investigations made on zebrafish.

We develop with aquaculture lab and manufacture aquaculture recirculation system to provide your needs.

For scientific laboratory models:

  -1. AQUAZOO (AZ)
  -2. Classic (CL)

Focus on aquatic system :

  - Quarantine systems
  - Stand alone systems
  - Self-contained mobile tanks
  - Custom research models
  - Custom filtration packages

Modular systems:

  - Zebrafish housing systems
  - Xenopus housing systems
  - Shrimp housing systems
  - Grouper housing systems
  - Ohters aquatic animimal systems

Our maintenance division provides on-site services anywhere they are needed. From trouble-shooting and simple repairs to complete system maintenance.

If you are planning an aquatic housing system, please call us first. We can help in customizing the best system for you.