For research center and aquaculture related company:


- 1. Custom valve (For model-CL): Easy turn on and off, suitable tube.

- 2. Tubeless(For model-AZ): Easy clean and maintain


- 3. Custom and removable tank module.
- 4. Self-cleaning tank: By double lids and control flow
- 5. Easy feeding: Feed on upper cover lid

- 6. Reduce noise design: High-flow and low noise, more suitable to set up in laboratory.

- 7. Bigger bio-aeration tank: Aeration and filter function, low flow noise.
- 8. Easy to clean: 80 um filter pads could be changed and clean easily.  Three or four department in aeration filter tank.

- 9. 40W/36W UPVC UV light sterilizer

- 10. IP65 Easy Control Box:

- 11. Custom design for customer needs: Easy do experiment and operation.


We have set up:

More than 200 standalone units in model-CL and more than 30 standalone units in model-AZ(since 2013).
aquaculture laboratories and related companies, it is easy to operation and maintain.

You just only do experiment, our system do well care aquaculture.